My favourite part of gardening is seeing things that I have planted start to grow. The joy of something starting to take off and have a life of its own following my minor efforts is just so satisfying. If it eventually turns into something beautiful or something that I can eat, so much the better.

Nothing and nobody is really meant to just sit still. We are built to develop, to grow, to try new things and go to new places. It is never too late to try something new or to start a new venture. It is not enough to think about doing something, we have to actually start doing it.

The green shoots only emerge from the ground once I have weeded the space, planted the seeds and watered them. That idea you have had in your head for something new to try, something you want to become, will go nowhere while it stays in your head.

It can be scary going into something new, particularly if autistic inertia affects you as it does me, but the joy of seeing green shoots emerging either literally or figuratively can help enormously with that. We all have enormous potential for so much within us but it only means anything if we plant that seed, if we start on that journey.

Plant a seed today, and if you can’t at least pull up some of the weeds that are in the way. Those wonderful green shoots are so close if we can just get started.


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