None of us have perfect lives and none of us are perfect people. We are all works in progress and we can all do better.

One of the ways we can get better is to take a regular look at things in our lives, be they thought patterns, behaviours, how we spend our time, imaginary barriers holding us back or any number of other things and see where there is a need for change. This can be done at any time, though some things are best addressed at particular times when opportunities arise or at natural breaks in events or cycles. But spring is traditionally the time for a clearout and declutter, and this can apply to our minds as well as our homes.

So what is holding you back? What is only bringing sadness and stress into your life? Are these things that you can address?

If it is a close family member you almost certainly can’t give up on them, but maybe you need to distance yourself from them a bit more. I do not believe in giving up on people, but none of us are responsible for the way other adults choose to behave or live, and none of us is obliged to keep getting damaged or hurt, even by another family member.

Some habits are hard to break. Maybe it is close to an addiction or maybe it is so ingrained in us that it has become second nature. Maybe you need help to get free. But even then the first step is wanting to do better, wanting to make that change enough to do something about it.

Everything starts in the mind, and everything is possible in the mind. Nobody can ever put your mind in prison or force you to think a particular way. The only person that can ever control your mind is you, unless you let someone else take over by following what they say mindlessly. That is why it is so important to keep thinking independently and question things for yourself. Do not ever give up your mental freedom.

We can all start spring cleaning our minds today. Try to get rid of negativity and self-doubt. You are amazing. You really are. Try to start really believing that. It is the best bit of spring cleaning you can do.


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